Without Payroll Integration

If you're not using our payroll platform integration, we recommend aggregating your payroll items into a single amount for each payroll period. The steps are the same for both 2206 - Deal Commission Payables and 2056 - Service Labor Payables.

Step 1: For each employee

  1. Go to New Transaction > Pay Bill

  2. Select all of the payables you want to pay for this payroll period from account 2206 or 2056.

  3. Change the Pay From account to the same account

  4. Change the upper control (below the account selection) to the User Control (U-JOHNNY APPLESEED)

  5. Optional: Rename the identifier or the memo to reflect the payroll period.

  6. Add the bill

  7. Optional: Print a copy of the bill for the employee. This allows the employee to see which items they got paid on, see chargebacks, etc.

This allows us to combine all of the separate payables into a single payable for the payroll journal.

Step 2: Payroll Journal

When you're creating your payroll journal and categorizing each amount into the various accounts, create a line item for each employee's commission total and enter the total amount of the bill from Step 1. Then select the User Entity and the User Control. Once the payroll journal has been added, the payable we created in Step 1 should be cleared!

With Payroll Integration

Coming soon!

Why don't you combine them for me automatically?

The general consensus is that it's better to have individual payables so that you can track which deals or service labor items have been paid out. It does take a couple of extra steps to aggregate the payables into a single line for your payroll journal, but it provides a much greater degree of control for you.

How can I pay third-party vendor commissions?

The only way to pay commissions here is to add the vendor as a User under Manage > Users. You can check the No Login Access checkbox if you don't want them to get a login or have access to your system, but they do have to be a user in order to be accessible to the commissions interface.

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