On October 1st, 2021, a system update was put in place that changes the way payables work for deal commissions and service labor amounts.

Previously, the system created a transaction for each deal or service ticket labor and associated it with a "user control". We're shifting this functionality so that the transaction will now be associated with the deal or service ticket control and also be associated with the "user entity" (similar to the customer or vendor entities) so it can be treated like any other payable. This will allow us to handle some new situations:

  • Commission chargebacks will now adjust against the deal control rather than the user control, meaning you can see exactly which deals are getting charged back when you're paying out payroll.

  • Payroll payouts could be made for specific deals or service tickets, so if payment hasn't been received you can choose not to pay that particular payable.

The primary reason we're making this change is to support a new payroll integration we're hoping to announce for November and we decided that it was essential to have this functionality to allow a sufficiently featured platform.

What does this mean for me?

If you're not using our accounting system, this change doesn't affect you and you can continue with your day!

If you are using our accounting system, there are some additional steps you'll need to take to ensure you're still recording payroll payments accurately.

The specific changes we're making are:

  • A new account will be created for 2056 - Service Labor Payables and 2206 - Deal Commission Payables.

    • This change was essential to allow payroll to be paid if the payroll period was in both September and October (for example, a payroll period from Sep 26 - Oct 9)

  • Deals dated on or after October 1st will go into the Deal Commission Payables account, creating a payable to the User Entity and associated with the Deal control.

  • Service Labor items dated on or after October 1st will go into the Service Labor Payables account, creating a payable to the User Entity and associated with the Service Ticket control.

  • You can now add additional payment details to the User in case you need to print a check with their details. To edit this info go to Manage > Users.

My Payroll does not include both September and October items

Great! This is easy for you! Read this article to learn how to pay commissions in October and beyond!

My Payroll includes both September and October items

A few steps will be required to pay both September and October items in the same payroll. Namely, you need to change all of your October payables getting paid to operate like your September liability.

Steps for deals:

  1. Go to New Transaction > Pay Bill

  2. Select all of the October payables you want to pay for this payroll

  3. Change the Pay From account to 2205 - Commission Payables

    1. Yes, the old one.

  4. Change the upper control (below the account selection) to the User Control (U-JOHNNY APPLESEED)

If you have service labor payables, repeat the above steps but change step #3 to 2055 - Service Labor Payable.

Now, you can process this payroll just like your previous payrolls! For future payrolls, read this article to see the recommended process.

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