On September 13th, 2021, Facebook Marketplace is disabling automated Facebook Marketplace listings, meaning that all dealership listings will automatically be removed. Facebook is moving advertising for business on Marketplace to their Ads platform and recommends using Marketplace On-Facebook Destination Ads to advertise on Facebook Marketplace now.

How can I post automatically to Facebook Marketplace now?

There are a lot of third-party Facebook advertisers out there that are geared towards auto dealers. You just need to find one that creates On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads and they need to accept an FTP inventory feed from us. After that, you should be able to manage your postings to Marketplace through them!

While we can't provide any third-party recommendations for this, a quick Google search should provide you with some companies you can contact. Remember, the two requirements:

  1. On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads (on Marketplace, specifically)

  2. Can accept an inventory FTP feed (a CSV file) that dealr.cloud will provide


  1. Why is Facebook removing Marketplace listings?

    1. We weren't able to get a precise answer from Facebook on this, but the closest we've identified is that they want to monetize and generate revenue from their Marketplace platform

  2. When is this happening?

    1. On September 13th, 2021, automated Facebook Marketplace listings will be removed.

  3. What about my inventory on my Facebook page?

    1. Facebook says they're still allowing providers like us (dealr.cloud) the ability to post inventory directly to your Facebook page. Because we've gotten conflicting answers from Facebook about other issues, we're waiting until after the 13th to ensure that this remains the case.

  4. Who is this happening to?

    1. Every provider that posts to Marketplace is getting blocked on the 13th, which means all dealerships too. There's no Facebook authorized way to automatically post to Marketplace.

  5. How can I keep posting for free?

    1. Facebook is allowing businesses to manually post each of their vehicles to Marketplace, however, this is a very manual process, similar to how Craigslist posting used to be. You can post manually if you choose to, however just keep in mind that you're responsible for updating photos, prices, descriptions, removing vehicles, renewing them, etc.

    2. How can I post myself to Facebook Marketplace?

      1. We can't walk you through how to post to Marketplace yourself, but, from what we know, you just need to have a business page that's categorized (with Facebook) as a "Car Dealership". After that, you can post to Facebook as you normally would and just say you're posting as your business to post manually.

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