For more information on what SEO is, how it works, and how it affects your website, please see this article, here.

Adding Content to your Pages with the Website Editor

As the sister article to this one explains, what will improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your website depends on the amount of original content on your web pages. (link)

This means that you could manually add additional content or language on the individual VDP, or you could add the content in the web editor itself.

To add the additional content to the page itself, you'll want to first access the website editor by navigating to Manage > Websites

website editor

Next, you'll want to navigate to the black toolbar to your left and click on whichever page whose content you'd like to add.

Once you click on the page, you'll want to next click on "Settings." This will then open up the "Page Settings" for that particular page. I've included a gif and video below that demonstrates what this looks like:


Here, you'll see a box titled, "Page Settings," appear. The two fields you'll want to edit for SEO purposes are titled, "Page Keywords" and "Page Description."

Page Description - In this field, you'll want to include as much content and keywords as possible that describe the page.

Page Keywords - Here, you'll want to include as many keywords and information that's relevant to the page itself. Imagine any language or keywords that you think the customer is typing into Google to search for a vehicle. What you come up with is what you want to include.

I've included an example, below, for clarification.

Untitled Recording

The content added to this page is not visible to the customer on the website. It instead serves as "metadata" that's used by search engines to pull up the most relevant results.

Once you've added enough content into those fields, your job is done! The best way to optimize your search engine visibility is to include as much content on those pages as possible.

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