is an all-in-one dealership management platform that allows independent dealers to combine the previous multitude of vendors they'd need to manage inventory, respond to leads, print deals, appraise vehicles, and generate financials into a single cohesive, comprehensive system.

The integration with Gusto allows us to sync payroll data from Gusto into the accounting system to automatically generate accounting transactions, and for the accounting system to push liabilities, such as commissions, into Gusto.

Connect to Gusto

  1. When logged into, go to Accounting > Payroll on the left hand side.

  2. Click the Get Started or Connect Existing Gusto Account option and log in to gusto.

  3. Enter your Gusto credentials and click Authorize.

Once you're connected, a list of recent payrolls will automatically be displayed.


Employee Mapping

You'll want to go to the Employee Mapping tab on the Payroll page and map each user in to your employees in Gusto. Once done, click Save at the bottom right hand corner.

Account Mapping

To ensure that the accounting transactions that we create from Gusto payrolls are accurate, you should go into the Accounting Mapping tab and select accounts for each payroll item type. There should also be a quick recommendation to create accounts if this is your first time doing payroll.

Syncing Commissions

When you're ready to do payroll, you'll want to have send commission data into Gusto. To do this, go to Accounting > Payroll and click Sync Commissions. From here you'll be able to see a preview of what data will be sent to Gusto, and then be able to confirm with the Sync button to send it.

Error messages and resolution(s) does it's best to auto-fix most errors on-the-fly. If you receive an error message it's most likely going to tell you what the problem is and how to resolve it, or it will be a bug and you should contact support using the chat icon on the left hand side.

Other issues:

  • Payroll transactions show "UNMAPPED EMPLOYEE" in the description
    - Go to the Employee Mapping page and map each employee to the appropriate user.

  • Check payables don't have a name assigned to them
    - Go to the Employee Mapping page and map each employee to the appropriate user.

  • The accounting transactions are placing amounts into the 1999 - Unassigned Account
    - One or more payroll items haven't been mapped to accounting accounts. Go to Account Mapping and assign accounts to them

Contact Information

  • Chat - click the blue chat icon on the left hand side of when you're logged in

  • Email -

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