This article pertains to the Accounting > Setup page in If you can't see this page then it is not enabled in your accounting settings. This page can only be used by dealerships utilizing our new Automated Opening Balances functionality.

There are a few steps that you need to follow to setup opening balances, and we've detailed the appropriate steps for each below.

Account Balances

This process will tell the accounting system how much money you have or owe in each of your accounts as of the start date.

Uncleared Transactions

If you wrote any checks or made deposits from before your start date that didn't clear until after your start date, you should come into this page and add them.

Open Payables and Receivables

If you owed anyone money, or anyone owed you money, as of your accounting start date then you need to record those payables and receivables in so you can record payments accurately.

If you're already using to record your cost and payments on your deals, be sure to read the end of the article because it will walk you through how to avoid entering every payable and receivable!

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