Over the past year, we've introduced several features that are transactional in nature - meaning some people use them a lot, and some people never use them. Here are a few examples:

  • Files System (we're providing 2 additional months free for everyone initially)

  • Digital Signing

  • Outbound Calling

And, we also want to start implementing new functionality for you that will allow us to bring more capability to the platform, for things such as:

  • Call Recording

  • Call Transcription

  • Licensed Forms (such as LAW Contracts)

  • Extra Phone Numbers

  • And more!

We're not able to provide these great functionalities or develop the new ones without the ability to recoup our costs, so we've introduced a new usage-based billing interface to track those specific charges. This interface allows you to pay for the extras that you want without paying for those you won't use! Notices of charges for these services (including: calling, digital signing, and files systems) have been sent as we've introduced them and we will continue to send out pricing notices as we launch new features in the future.

Current Billing

All of your current billing (via ACH) will remain the same, as that's for the base of dealr.cloud. And, if you choose not to use any of the above functionality, that's fine! It won't cost you any more!

New Billing

When you attempt to use the functionality described above for the first time after this update, you will likely receive an error. All you need to do to use the feature is go into Manage > Billing and click the plus icon to add a payment method. You'll see a preview of your charges in the "Upcoming Invoice" section.

For the Files System, we're providing two additional months free, however for Phone Calls and LAW Contracts (which should be released in the next 2-3 weeks) you will start incurring charges immediately and will be billed starting at the beginning of next month.

We will be transitioning the digital signing credits over to the new billing interface in the next couple of months, however for now you'll need to continue to use the existing payment interface to track those.


You'll see current prices listed on the Billing page, so be sure to read through those to understand how it works. Keep in mind that this table will update as we introduce new functionality, so be sure you take a look at the current prices on the Billing page regularly!

Access Control

We can definitely understand if you don't want to use the above functionality, or if you want to limit it, so you can easily modify permissions per user and limit usage on a dealership level if you want to control access for the functions.


Under Billing Limits in settings, you can modify limits for each product. This will be calculated on a rolling 30-day basis.

User Permissions

In each user's permissions, you can now control whether a user has the ability to use these paid functionalities. By default, anyone that could perform the tasks before also has the ability to incur the charge, so make sure you remove the permission from anyone you don't want using the functionality.

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