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Editing your Website

You'll need to access your website editor first. Navigate to Manage > Websites in order to access the website editor.

The website editor is the central interface you'll use to make any modifications or changes to your website. It'll look something similar to this image, below:


To access your website settings, move the cursor to the left side of the screen until a black toolbar appears. Click on Settings.

The Settings page allows you to edit the Site Name and Hostname as well as adding your Google Place ID and Social Media pages, which will populate as icons in the footer of your website.

If you scroll down, you can also upload your company logo for both Dark or Light backgrounds.

Adding and Editing Pages

How to Create a Page

To create a page for your website you'll first need to select the blue button, "Add Page," in the toolbar of the editor.

Next, you'll see a page setting box appear on the screen. This will allow you to customize the page by adding a Name, SEO Title, and Template.

  1. This section allows you to add or edit the Page Name as well as insert an SEO Title for the page.

  2. This section allows you to select a template for your page. You can search for one of our template pages with the search bar or select whichever one fits your needs best.

How to Edit a Page

To edit an existing page you'll need to navigate to the editor toolbar and click on the page you wish to edit. Next, you'll select "Settings" and this will open up your Page Settings.

Here, you can edit the Page's Name, SEO Title, and delete the page as well.


How to Add a Block to your Page

Blocks are the individual components that make up the content of the page. If you need to add any content to the page, you'll need to add a block to the page (or edit an existing one).

To add a block, you'll need to navigate to the page that you want to edit. If you move the cursor onto the page, you'll notice a blue border and plus sign (+) appear. Navigate to the area of the page where you'd like to add a block and then click on the plus sign.

Next, you'll see an Add Block Settings box appear. Here, you'll select one of the pre-designed templates based on the content you need to add.

Once you've selected the template, you'll click "Add" and now that block has been added to the page and is ready to be edited!

How to Edit a Block

Navigate to the block you wish to edit and move your cursor to the left-hand side of the block until you see a purple icon. Hover over it and you'll next see 4 different icons appear. Click on the purple icon to access your Block Settings.

Block Settings allows you to edit the content of your block based on the selected template. Here, you can change the text, change/upload an image, or the link.

Once you're finished editing the block settings, you'll select the "Update" button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

How to make Website edits Live

Navigate to the main black toolbar to the left and click on "Deploys"

Once you're ready to make the edits live on your current website, you want to click on the big red button, Deploy to Production.

Deploying to Production will make this most recent draft of the website live for your customers to see!

If you have any further questions or run into any issues, reach out to the support team for assistance!

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