Data Imports and

Data Import is the process by which we can upload certain information from a previous system into your account.

The type of data that we're able to import into is:

  • Current Inventory (this includes standard vehicle information, such as VIN, Stock Number, Exterior/Interior Color, etc.)

  • Previous Customer Information (this is limited to Customer Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email)

  • Total Costs

  • Vendor Information

File Format

The system exclusively accepts these file formats:

  • CSV

  • XLS

  • XLXS

Most DMS software allows you to export your information into a CSV file. This CSV file is what we'll need in order to import that data into your account.

File and Data Organization

The CSV file must be organized in a specific way in order for the system to accept the data import.

  • The first row must specify what value is appearing in that particular column (e.g. VIN, Customer Last Name, etc.)

  • Each value must be located in the corresponding column (e.g. VIN numbers are filed in the VIN column, etc.)

  • Dates are required to be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD in the file. If not, then the date will be set to today's date.

Inventory Imports

We're able to import your current inventory into the system. Below, you'll find the available fields we can import:

Matching Vehicles

In order to import inventory, you must provide a stock number or VIN.

  • If the stock number exists in all inventory, then that particular vehicle will be the inventory item matched against.

  • If the VIN exists in inventory, then that will be the vehicle matched against.

  • If there's any discrepancy in the stock number and VIN between the file and, a duplicate vehicle will be created. The only way to remove the duplicate vehicle is for you to manually delete it.


If you choose to import costs, it's important to note that the system will only accept a total cost amount in the CSV file.

  • This means that costs imported into will create a new cost with the amount provided in the file.

  • If a vehicle is already in inventory and costs are imported, then a new cost will be created against the vehicle.

Customer Data Imports

We're able to import previous customer information into the system. Below, you'll find the available fields we can import:

If you want any additional Customer information imported into the system, you'll need to include it in a single column, titled "Notes." If it's multiple sets of information, make sure the values are separated by a comma and have some identifying title in the column itself.

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If you have any more questions about how data imports work in, please contact us in Support with the chat feature!

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