How do I set it up?

Navigate to your general settings by going to Manage > Settings > General > Leads and then scroll down until you see the checkbox, "Auto Assign Incoming Leads" and then click on it.

Auto-Assign Leads

Next, click on "Add Rule." This will open up a box where you can insert the rules for the auto-assign feature. This will let you:

  1. Title the Rule Name.

  2. Select the days that apply to whatever rule you're creating.

  3. Add all of the salespeople who you want in the round-robin system by clicking on "Add User."

Salespeople to receive Leads Every Day of the Week

If you want all of your salespeople to receive leads every day of the week, you'll want to add all of your sales team in the "Included Users" section and then select all of the days that employees will be working.

Salespeople to receive Leads on Certain Days of the Week

If you want your salespeople to receive leads on certain days of the week, you'll need to first create an "Everybody Works" rule. For this rule, you must:

  • Select all of the days where everybody works and should receive leads

  • Select all of the salespeople you want receiving leads

Next, you'll need to create a set of rules for each salesperson's day off. For example, if Forrest's Day Off is Monday (he wishes!), you'll need to create a rule that:

  • Selects Monday exclusively

  • Includes all other salespeople except Forrest

The following rule will account for Courtney's Day Off, which is Tuesday:

The last rule will cover Zach's Day Off, which is Wednesday:

Once you're finished setting up the rules, your sales team should start receiving leads based on this system!

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