Can I Use My Custom Forms in the Digital Signing Platform? 

Our Digital Signing Platform allows you to send forms to your customers digitally and request that they e-sign
All of the standard state and generic forms are available for use in digital signing. However, if you have 

Do I Even Have Custom Forms?

If you're not sure whether you have custom forms that need to be formatted for digital signing, you can check by logging into your system and going to Manage > Custom Forms. If you see a list of forms on this page, you do, in fact, have custom forms uploaded into your system! Congratulations. Now you get to format them! See instructions below.

Formatting Custom Forms for Digital Signatures

Watch This Video for Instructions! 

Written Instructions Below

1. Go to Manage > Custom Forms

2. Click on the form you want to Format

3. Find the signature line(s)/area(s) that need to be signed

** You will need to complete steps 4-9 for each signature line. 

4. And double click to add a "New Field" 

** You will see a red box appear with the words "New Field" in it if you've successfully added one. If you're using a Mac, you may have to tap+click depending on your mouse/trackpad settings.

5. Position and Resize your new field

     Pro Tip: Make the field as large as possible in the space. The only exception to            this rule is if you have an exorbitant amount of space above your signature line.

  • Click and drag the box to reposition. 

  • Click and hold the bottom righthand corner of the new field box to resize

Edit Your Field

6. Click the "secret circle" next to "Label" to switch the field to a signature field

7. Add a "Label" in the the first box of the "Edit Field" section

Generally, this should be one of three things:

  1. Buyer Signature

  2. Co-Buyer Signature

  3. Seller Signature

This could also be something like Buyer Initials or another label as appropriate. 

8. Select your signer

  1. Dealership

  2. Buyer Signature

  3. Co-Buyer Signature

9. Check the box next to "Initials?" if the field calls for initials

10. Repeat steps 4-9 for any and all signature fields

IMPORTANT: If your form does not have a red field box for any of the dates, date fields will need to be added as well. This is very important for the digital signing platform. Contact support if you have questions or need help. 


Don't forget to click the Save button at the bottom lefthand side of your screen before exiting. You can save as many times as you like throughout the process.

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