Canceling Digital FormsĀ 

Canceling digital forms is a limited operation. Once forms have been signed by any party, they can no longer be canceled. You can only cancel a sent digital signature form or form pack before the dealer or customer signs the digital form (pack).

NOTE: Forms cannot be modified in the signature packet once it's been sent.
If you need to make modifications to a deal or digital form pack that's been sent out to a customer, you will need to cancel it. If you cannot cancel it because signatures have already been added, you will need to re-contract the deal.

How to Cancel Request for Signature

If you send a signature packet to a customer and no one has signed any of the fields yet, take the following steps to cancel the request.

1. In the Deal "Details" tab, go to the "signing" tab

2. Click on the copy of the signature packet you want to cancel (they will be time-stamped)

3. Click the red "Cancel Sign Request" button

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