Our new digital signing platform enables you to send documents to customers to collect digital signatures!

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Important things to know

  1. The digital signing platform is a credit-based system. You will get 10 free credits per 30-day rolling period during the Beta trial. If you need additional credits, please contact support.

  2. It is your responsibility to verify that digital documents will be accepted in your jurisdiction. We have provided resources from the DMV and State Senate regarding acceptance of digital forms, but we cannot guarantee DMV approval.

  3. This is a BETA. Please be aware that this is a new system and is still in its Beta stage. There may be inefficiencies or items that need to be improved. We cannot guarantee a timeline for any improvements to this system. If you notice any missing signature boxes or problems with the forms please reach out to support so we can diagnose the issue.

  4. We have limited support for the digital signing system right now. Feel free to reach out, however, if you ask us any questions addressed in the video, we will ask you to watch the video before answering.

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