The Digital Signing Platform is a Credit-Based System integrates with a third party system in order to offer our digital signing platform. For this reason, we have implemented a credits system for using the digital signing platform.

How to Use Credits 

  • Every time you send a document or document pack out for signature, you will get charged 1 credit. 

  • This only applies when you have clicked the final "Send for Signature" button at the bottom of the Preview dialog box.

  • Any time you click the final "Send for Signature" button you will get charged 1 credit, so make sure your deal pack is fully assembled and not missing any forms before you send it to buyers.

  • Credits do not apply if you click the "Send in Test Environment" Box

How Get Credits

  • During our BETA trial of the digital signing platform you will get 10 free credits per 30-day rolling period. 

  • If you need additional credits,  you can contact support to add credits to your account. 

  • After the BETA trial, we will send out a pricing structure for purchasing credits moving forward. 

  • Additional credits cost $1.00 per credit. At this time, you can only buy packs of 50 additional credits at a time. 

Purchase Credits

You can purchase credits by following the steps below: 

  1. Open any deal

  2. Click into the the Forms Tab

  3. Click the Send for Signature button

  4. In the dialog box, scroll down to the bottom and click the Buy Credits button

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