Flags are easily customizable and can be used for a multitude of things inside dealr.cloud! You can add as many flags as you'd like to your system. There's no limit. The instructions below will show you how to customize the available flags in your settings!

If you're looking for more information on what flags are and how to use them in your dealr.cloud system, check out our article on "What Flags Are and How to Use Them"!

To get started editing and customizing your flags, you will need to go to the "Manage" Tab in your main toolbar on the lefthand side of your dealr.cloud screen. This cannot be accessed in the mobile app. Then navigate to Manage > Settings > General > Flags.

Add a Flag

To add a flag to one of your system sections, find the appropriate section (ie Inventory). At the righthand side of the page, click the purple button that says "Add Flag". 

As soon as you do this a new flag section will appear at the top of your list of flags.
Once you have your new flag, you will want to make sure you edit all the components of the flag. See the next section for detail explanations of each component. 

Edit a Flag

You can edit any of the components of a flag at any time. If you're new to the dealr.cloud system, you notice some default flags in your settings page. You can change and customize these or add new flags at any time. To make changes edit any of the fields below.

  • Color: Choose the color of your flag Icon. You can choose from one of the standard colors shown in the circles, or click into the text box for a full range of colors. 

  • Disabled: This checkbox allows you to temporarily turn off or hide a flag. It will still be available in your settings, but it will not show up for use in your dealr.cloud system. 

  • Icon: This field allow you to search for an icon to use for your flag. Start typing a work to search. If you are looking for an icon you can't find, try using the full icon database. Click here to see a full list of available icons. There are over 6,000 icons available, but they often have strange names. Once you've found an icon you like, type the name of the icon into the "Icon" field in dealr.cloud. 

  • Date Display Type: This field allows you to choose the type of tracking you'd like to have on your flag. The "Date Type" you choose will show up in the dealr.cloud system when you turn a flag on. For example, by selecting "Date First Checked", you could track how long a piece of inventory has been waiting on recon or how long you've been waiting to receive a title. 

  • Checked by Default: This will automatically check or 'turn on' a flag for any new entry. For example, if you require a vehicle inspection for every new piece of inventory, you could create a "Needs Inspection" flag and have it "Checked by Default". That way, you'll have a list of outstanding inspections and your mechanic or lot tech can uncheck each as it's completed. 

Rearrange Flags

It's easy to rearrange the order of flags in dealr.cloud as well. The order of the flags on the settings page will be the same as the order the flags appear in inside the system. To rearrange, simply click and drag on the "hamburger icon" (the three horizontal lines) on the left of the flag title to rearrange it to the the spot you'd like. 

Delete a Flag

You'll find a red "DELETE" button next to the the Title of the flag. Just click that button to delete the flag!

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