What Are Form Packs?

Form Packs are a set of deal forms that you create for your dealership's sales process. Once these Form Packs have been created, you can upload them to your deals with one click!

Each Form Pack is a pre-set collection of forms specific to the type of deal you are working with (for example cash deal, cash with co-buyer, financed deal, etc.) that will auto-fill all of your deal information like customer info, deal structure, and dealership information. These forms will include things like Buyer's Orders, Buyer's Guides, state disclosures and title paperwork, tax receipts, retail installment contracts, agreement to provide insurance, etc. 

You can also create custom form packs that fit your dealership or are specific to each department or team at your dealership.

How Do I Create Form Packs?

In most cases, the dealr.cloud onboarding team will create the standard set of five form packs for your dealership at the same time that your account is activated. These include: 

  1. Cash Deal (with one buyer)

  2. Cash Deal with Co-Buyers

  3. Financed Deal (with one buyer)

  4. Financed Deal with Co-Buyers

  5. Out of State

Often times, dealerships want to add Form Packs for specific departments, or stages of their process. To create Form Packs, you must have admin access. If you do not have admin access, please talk to the system administrator at your dealership.

If you would like to edit your form packs or add additional form packs, follow the steps below:

1. In the main toolbar on the lefthand side of your screen, click on 'Manage' and then click on the 'Form Packs' link.

2. You'll see a list of any existing Form Packs that looks like the image below. To edit existing form packs, simply click on the name of the form pack you want to edit. 

3. To add a new form pack, click the purple "Add Form Pack" button at the top righthand side fo the page. 

4. Once you are inside a form pack, you can add, delete, and rearrange forms. To add a form to a form pack, search for or select a form from the "Add Form" field.  

5. You can also copy all forms from an existing Form Pack by selecting the existing Form Pack from the "Copy From Pack" Field.
**This enables you to quickly create form packs by duplicating similar packs and just adding or deleting a couple of forms!

6. Once you have all of your forms added to your pack, you can:

          A. Rearrange the forms by clicking and dragging the "Hamburger" Icon
          B. Change the number of forms that will print on each deal
          C. Delete a form from a pack by clicking the Red 'X'

7. When you are done assembling your Form Pack, DON'T FORGET TO CLICK SAVE!

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