What Are Autoreply Templates?

Autoreply templates are text and/or email messages that get automatically sent to every new, incoming lead. This includes any lead that comes into your dealr.cloud system through your website or any of your marketing sites. It does not include manually entered leads. Autoreply templates let your leads know that your will be in touch shortly and help increase the response rate you get from your leads. This process can also facilitate better faster and more efficient communication for quicker conversions.

Turn On Auto-Response Templates

Auto-Response texts and/or emails This will happen as soon as a lead comes into the system. - dealr.cloud has default auto-response message already set up in your account. To turn these on or edit the messages, go to: Manage > Settings > General > Leads. 

In your main toolbar on the lefthand side of your dealr.cloud screen, go to
Manage >  Settings > General

In your General Settings, open the "Lead" tab

Check the boxes next to "Send Text Autoreply" and/or "Send Email Autoreply"

Edit your Text and Email Replies

  • You will see separate fields for the "Text AutoReply Message", "Email Autoreply Subject", and the "Email Autoreply Message" 

  • Type your text directly in to the text boxes

  • Insert pieces of information from your leads (like customer name, or the vehicle they inquired about) directly into your template using the "Variables" Function

Variables Function

The "Variables" function programs the system to automatically look for information in your lead and drop that info into your template before sending. For example, you can choose to pull out each lead's first name and add it to the greeting so that the email will say "Hello George" instead of simply "Hello". There are a certain set of variables you can use. You can see the list by clicking the {x} button in the editor field. This list cannot be changed or edited. 

Adding Variables

Add a Variable, click the {x} button at the top right of the template editor, and choose the Variable you'd like to drop into the text. You should see a blue field that looks like a button appear with the Variable information inside. Continue typing to complete your message. 

Adding Two Variables Next to Each Other

It add two Variables right next to each other, without any addition text in between, you will need to add the first variable as instructed above. The Variable field will be a dark blue color. Click on any area of the message box away from the variable field. The Variable field should turn a light blue color. Once you see the light blue color, insert your next Variable.

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