I Don't Have an Account

If you are a new user and need to set up a dealr.cloud account, you will need to contact the system administrator at your dealership. If you are a system administrator, see the article on How to Set Up and Manage Users.

I Forgot My Password

If you've forgotten your password, or for some other reason need to reset your password, get directions for that here: Resetting Your Password.

I Need A Verification Code

If dealr.cloud is asking for a verification or log-in code, one has already been sent to you. Check your email or text messages. 

Dealr.cloud sends you a verification code when it recognizes that you are trying to log in from a new device or a new application. This is a security measure. Depending on your user settings dealr.cloud will send you the code via text or email. Enter the code into dealr.cloud to access your account.

If you received an email prompting you to set up your dealr.cloud password, and you procrastinated long enough for the link to expire, simply RESET YOUR PASSWORD.
If you didn't use the email link within 7 days, go to https://manage.dealr.cloud, click "Forgot Password?" and enter the username that was sent to you in the email. Then follow the prompts to Reset Your Password. Note: you will get a new email after following the reset prompts, this new email expires in 30 minutes. 

  • You can also ask your dealership admin to give you your username. 

My Username is Incorrect

If you were given a username that was spelled incorrectly, contact your system admin in order to resolve the issue. 

I Need to Change My User Name

You cannot change your username. A system administrator from your dealership can assign you a new username, however, this requires creating a brand new account. Once a user has been created the username cannot be changed. If you are an administrator and need to deactivate a user and create a new user, learn how to Set Up and Manage Users

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