If You've Never Used 700 Credit

If you've never used 700 Credit before and DO NOT have an active account with them, you will first need to set up an account with 700 Credit. To set up an account, click the link below and enter your information.

Enroll in 700 Credit

If You Already Have A 700 Credit Account

If you've used 700 Credit previously, or you already have a 700 Credit Account, you will need to reach out to 700 Credit and let them know you'd like to set up 700 Credit for your dealr.cloud account. They will need to send you a new user name and password specifically for dealr.cloud. 

To Enable in Dealr.cloud

Once you get your dealr.cloud-specific user name and password, you can enter the user name and password in your dealr.cloud settings. To enable 700 credit in dealr.cloud go to Manage > Settings > General > Credit Reports. 

  • Click the box next to "Enable 700 Credit Reports"

  • Enter your dealr.cloud-specific user name

  • Click the box next to "Update Password" 

  • Enter you dealr.cloud-specific password

  • Click Save

700 Credit Support

If you need to contact 700 Credit's support directly, you can reach them at:

Technical Support: (866) 273-3848
Email Support: support@700credit.com

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