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If you're having trouble with your autofiller, try these common fixes first. 

1. Make sure that the deal or lead you are working with is opened in a separate browser window/tab. 

2. Make sure the Google Chrome Extension is installed and has not been un-installed.

  • Go to settings in the top right hand corner of your dealr.cloud screen (under your name) to see whether the Google Chrome Extension is currently installed. If you see a link in the top lefthand corner of the settings screen for "Install Chrome Extension", click the link!

  • For more detailed instructions on how to install or reinstall the Chrome Extension, click HERE.

3. Make sure you are accessing the correct start page for your form. 

  • Some external website require your to access a specific page before the autofiller will appear. For example, on the Colorado temp tag site, you must click on your "Dealer Number"; on the next page click the "Dealer" button, then click the "Issue Temporary Permit" button. This will activate the autofill. Each lender, warranty, service contract, GAP site, etc has a slightly different starting point for the autofiller. 

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