With the appraisal tool you can appraise vehicles from the comfort of your office or on the go while you're at auction. Our mobile application lets you scan the VIN to see how much a vehicle is worth with just a glance so you can be sure you're buying a car that has a safe history and will make you money! Once you buy a vehicle, a simple button press will send it into inventory with your appraised value, VIN, mileage, and more already filled in from the appraisal.

Because dealr.cloud also manages your inventory we wanted to integrate all the same appraisal tools you use to buy cars into a single platform to price cars. With the market data we provide you'll be able to keep your price under your competitors, or know what your competition is so that special gem that's worth more than market can be adeptly sold to your customers. It's easy to audit your inventory and make sure nothing is overpriced so you move your vehicles as quickly as possible!

Using the dealr.cloud Price Analysis you can see where your vehicle is priced in the market, compare it to your competitors, and figure out how best to price your inventory to sell it quickly.

We scrape the internet to find vehicles available for sale all over the United States, and can present the individual list of vehicles to you for more detail.

Getting Started with Appraisals

Understanding Pricing and Appraising

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