We've partnered with a merchant processor and implemented integrated processing into dealr.cloud so you can collect swiped transactions, EMV (chip) cards, Apple Pay, and more, all from the comfort of dealr.cloud.

Collect credit card payments right from within the deal, service ticket, or loan so that payments can't get lost or deleted.

You can use a terminal, swipe cards to your computer, and use keyed entry. Eventually we'll use this credit card integration to collect automated payments on your website for deposits.

We can also pull over transaction and batch data right from the processor so you can see previous charges, process refunds, see batches, and more - all from the same system.

Automated Accounting Deposits

Because we have an accounting system and the credit card integration, we know when transactions get batched and we can automatically deposit the funds into your checking account for accounting - no more searching for the 15 transactions that make up a batch when recording your deposits!


Control exactly who can charge and refund credit card transactions for precise charge permissions.


Obviously, a big concern for a lot of us is credit card processing rates, and I'd hazard a guess that you'll probably be taken care of on that front too! With the processor we selected we've been able to save several dealers hundreds of dollars on processing and we expect the same could be said for you!

To get a quote the processor will need to have a statement from your current credit card company so they know what types of cards you charge (debit, Amex, rewards, etc.). That way they can get you the best rate!

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