This article explains how to enable CARFAX or AutoCheck vehicle reports in your account so that you can view them in your inventory, deals, service tickets, and appraisal tool.

Go to: Manage > Settings > General > Vehicle History Reports

Check the box next to "Enable CARFAX Reports" / "Enable AutoCheck Reports".

Enter Your Username and Password

For CARFAX, This number must start with a "c" or a "d".

  • Carfax updated their usernames to email addresses, but still requires this "d-number" to integrate with software like You cannot find this number by logging in to your CarFax account. It would have been included in the original email you received when setting up your CarFax account.

  • If you need to retrieve your CarFax "d-number", you will have to call CarFax to request it. This number is not available in your online account.

For AutoCheck

  • You will need your AutoChekc SID

  • AutoCheck does not require a password

Don't Forget to Save!

If you don't see the vehicle report populate in immediately, try refreshing your internet browser or logging out of and logging back in. 

Sync to Your Website

If you would like your CarFax or AutoCheck to show up on your website, make sure that you have entered your username/ID and password correctly. 

Go to the Main Inventory Page 

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