When to Realign

If you are using a Dot Matrix printer for any of your deal forms, you will need to do an initial set up for that printer. The initial set up will ensure that the printer drivers are installed and the Dot Matrix is ready to print your forms. If you need to complete your initial printer set up, contact dealr.cloud to schedule a set up.

If you have already completed your initial printer set up and are having problems with the way your Dot Matrix forms are printing, follow these instructions before contacting dealr.cloud. This will solve many of the printing issues that arise. 

Realign Your Dot Matrix Printer

Open any deal with a Form Pack or Bill of Sale added to the Forms page. 

Click the blue printer icon on the right side of the Bill of Sale Row.

Click the Align Form button.

Follow the instructions in the Dot Matrix Form Alignment dialog box:


  1. Load form into dot matrix printer.

  2. Click "Print Alignment Marks" and wait for printing to complete.

  3. Click and drag each of the alignment marks/crosshairs to make it match the printed form.

  4. Click "Update" at the bottom of this dialog.

If You're Still Having Problems

If you're still having problems with your Dot Matrix forms or alignment, try these troubleshooting suggestions.

  • Verify that the print size has not been changed. (If the font is very small or very big compared to the way the form normally prints, you may need further assistance)

  • Turn your printer off. Wait 20 seconds, and turn it back on. 

  • Make sure the "SEL" light is on. 

  • Make sure that the plastic guide on the lefthand side of the paper tray is moved as far to the right (or center) as possible. 

  • Make sure the lever on the far right side of the printer is set to "Top Feed" (usually the middle position.

  • Try reprinting and/or realigning again.

  • If the problem persists, contact customer support. 

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