What Are Flags?

Flags are an amazing tool to help you streamline your processes and run your dealership more efficiently. They are visual cues within the dealr.cloud system that help you quickly identify items that need your attention or steps in processes. 

Flags are indicators you can attach to inventory, leads, deals, service tickets, and loans. They enable you to track statuses, processes, to-dos, and more. Dealr.cloud also allows you to search for and filter flags in each category making items easier to find.

Where Can I Find Them?

  • Service

  • Inventory

  • Leads

  • Deals

  • Loans

Flags are available for you to use in all of the above systems. You can edit and customize your flags for each part of the dealr.cloud systems so that your flags work for you. To learn more about editing flags, check out our article: 

How Can I Use Flags? 

You can use flags for ANYTHING! There are literally hundreds of uses and the more creative you are, the more uses you'll find. Here are some of our favorite uses for flags:

  • Track Processes
    One of the most powerful things flags does is help you organize and track all of the many processes in your dealership. From tracking the sale-readiness of your vehicles and various stages of recon, to letting your mechanics know when parts have been ordered and which vehicles to prioritize - all the way through our dealership to finance application requirements, deal statuses and title work tracking - flags help you to see at at glance everything that's happening in your dealership. More efficient processes mean time saved and money earned.

  • Record Information
    Much like tracking processes, we know that you often need to record information about all the things that are happening in your dealership. Need Bob's approval before putting $1,500 of recon into that inventory? Flag it! Need to note that a lead is supposed to be sending in a finance application? Flag it! Need a place to record that title work has been sent out? Flag it! - For all those situations when you need to communicate with your team or make sure something is not forgotten, flags are your solution

  • Create a Custom Feature
    Don't see a feature or function you're looking for in dealr.cloud? Often times custom flags can be used instead! Many of our dealerships use Flags to customize the dealr.cloud system itself.

  • Track Problems and Issues
    The dealr.cloud Flags function allows you to time stamp, sort, filter, and run reports on each flag in your system so you can quickly and easily see which things are falling through the cracks, how long it's taking your team to solve those problems, and what you can do to improve. Do this can help you get cars to market fast and sell quicker for more profit. 

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