Welcome to dealr.cloud! 

We are excited that you are on board and it's our pleasure to welcome you to the dealr.cloud family.  Now that you are an official dealr.cloud partner, we'd like to make sure you are set up and ready to go! The authorized user on your dealr.cloud account will receive an email with his/her user name and activation instructions. Once the authorized user is activated, he/she will need to add additional users.

Each new dealership will receive one onboarding phone call and up to four 1 hour training sessions as part of their set up process. These training sessions are designed to give you an overview of the system, get you off to a great start, and answer your questions as you shift your dealership management to dealr.cloud. For more information, see "How Training Sessions Work" below. 

All training sessions will be done over the phone with screen sharing on your computer. 


Set-Up Checklist

Your authorized user will need to do a few things to set up your dealr.cloud system:

Complete the list below to get started! Click on each link to learn how.

  1. Verify your Username and activate your account.

  2. Set up user accounts for all employees.

  3. Make sure all users activate their user username.
    *Please note: users only have 1 week to activate their accounts once they have been added as a user!

  4. Update vital dealer information in your dealer profile.

  5. Upload your logo.

  6. Download the dealr.cloud mobile app

  7. Make sure all your users have downloaded the app and can log in.

  8. Make sure you have access to your website domain name.


Now that you're all set up, it's time to start using dealr.cloud! Feel free to go in and start playing around! It's really hard to break anything and you can always delete what you create!

With that said, we want to make sure everything is as easy as possible, so we've created some tutorials on how to use dealr.cloud's key features. Learn more below.

Learn to Use Dealr.cloud

For best results, do this before you have a real lead, deal or inventory in front of you! 

  1. Set Up Your Inventory Marketing Feeds (this must be done by an authorized user)

  2. Create a Piece of Inventory

  3. Create a Lead

  4. Create a Deal
    * We suggest creating a "Dummy Deal" before you have a live deal in front of you so that you are familiar with the system.* Don't forget to print all the deal paperwork in the Dummy Deal to make sure it's correct and aligned! 

Pro tip: Have everyone on your team who will be using these modules log into dealr.cloud and complete steps 2-4. That way, they will be ready when a customer comes in the door!


How Training Sessions Work:

As stated above, we offer four 1 hour training sessions to each new dealership to get you started. A dealr.cloud representative will reach out to each new dealership to schedule training. We understand that some of you may only need one training call, so we will customize training for your dealership. 

Each training session covers a specific topic or module of dealr.cloud. A dealr.cloud staff member will call you and do a screen-share session to walk you through the tools and any questions you have. 

You are responsible for bringing any and all employees to the training session who you want to experience the dealr.cloud training. Standard training sessions:

  • Lead Creation and Management

  • Inventory Creation and Management

  • Deals Creation and Management

  • Service Tickets Creation and Management (optional) - Your fourth session can also be used as a review and/or Q&A

If you are using either the Appraisals Module or the Accounting Module, you will also be able to take advantage of two additional 1 hour training sessions:

  • Using the Appraisal Tool

  • Overview of the dealr.cloud Accounting System


Got More Questions? 

Chat With Us!

Use the chat icon on the bottom lefthand side of your dealr.cloud screen to send us a message or ask a question! This is the fastest way to reach us!

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