Add a Mechanic to Your System

To add a mechanic to your system, you must add them in as a user. For steps on adding a user, click HERE.

When adding a mechanic as a user, make sure to check the "Mechanic" box. This will allow you to assign service tickets and labor items to this person.

Once you have added your mechanics, you can then specify in your service tickets which mechanic performed which labor item. This will allow you to track labor hours  as well as billables.

Assign Labor Hours to a Mechanic

There are two ways to assign labor hours to a mechanic. Assigning a lead mechanic will assign all labor items in the ticket to that mechanic. If you have multiple labor items in a ticket, you can also choose to assign individual pieces of labor to different mechanics. 

1. To designate a "Lead Mechanic" in the ticket, simply select the right name in the "Lead Mechanic" field on the ticket Details page {see image}. This will automatically assign any labor costs to your new lead mechanic. You can still go into the labor in the ticket item and manually change the mechanic on an individual piece of labor if more than one mechanic is working on a ticket. 

2. To assign different mechanics to multiple labor items, add or open a labor item.  In the dialog box, choose the mechanic you want to assign the labor to. You assign each Labor item to a different mechanic. You cannot split up time on one labor to multiple mechanics (for example, in the image below, you could not assign 1 hour of wiring to Mike and 2 hours to John).

Default Labor Pricing for Mechanics

If you charge a different amount of hourly labor based on the specific mechanic, you can create default labor prices for each mechanic. For example, if you want to bill $90 for your junior mechanic, Jake, but $150 for your master mechanic, Bill, enables you to do that. Set default mechanic hourly in user settings and will assign that dollar amount when selecting a mechanic.

  • Go to Manage > Settings > Users, and then select the mechanic you'd like to add default pricing for. 

  • Make sure the user is active, and "Mechanic" is selected Mechanic is selected under User Status. 

  • A box will appear for "Mechanic Hourly" in which you can enter your default hourly pricing. 

Labor Reporting

If you have assigned labor items to your service tickets, you can now run a report to see how many total hours you've billed, how many of those hours have been assigned to a mechanic, and who they have been assigned to. 

To see this report, go to Service > Reporting will automatically generate a report. scroll to the right to see total labor hours, unassigned labor hours, and filter by mechanic to see more specific information on how many hours a particular mechanic. 

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