Let us know which marketing feeds you would like enabled in your dealr.cloud account, for example, cars.com, autotrader, carfax, etc.

Email your marketing and lead providers and request that they switch your feeds to dealr.cloud (the verbiage for the email is at the bottom of this article). 

Note: Dealr.cloud doesn't initiate phone calls or emails with lead providers and marketing companies on behalf of our dealers because they won't give us authorization to change anything. They need to hear directly from you. 

This process can only be taken care of via email because the lead address is very specific and is often mistyped when given over the phone. If you prefer, you can call each provider after sending the email to ensure that both inventory feeds and lead feeds have been switched over to dealr.cloud/Dealr Inc.

Here's How:

Find Your ADF Leads Address

Your ADF Leads Address can be found in your dealr.cloud account under:

 "Manage" > "Settings" > "General"

Click the image to see it larger! 


Send out the following email to any of your providers to let them know that your inventory feed will now be provided by dealr.cloud. You will also need to provide your ADF Leads Address in this email. Please copy support on the email at support@dealr.cloud so that we know the request has been sent and can follow up if necessary.

Here's the text to copy and paste:


Please accept/setup the inventory feed for {Your Dealership's Name} (Your dealership's address) to come from Dealr, Inc/dealr.cloud. I have copied dealr.cloud support on this email.

Please send leads in an ADF format to {your ADF Leads Address}.


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