Adding a Cost to a Deal

This article covers how to add the costs of service contracts, GAP contracts, accessories, trade-in payoffs, and other goods and services into your deals so that they will reflect correctly in your accounting system. 

Adding your various costs to your deals helps you track which expenses need to be assign to which deals. It will also give you a breakdown of service contracts, GAP contracts, accessories, trade-in payoffs, and the costs of other related goods and services inside the deal. 

Your clients will only be able to see the sales price of these items as your cost will be hidden. will automatically convert any cost entered into a deal into accounts payable when the deal is "Processed As Sold".

You can add one of these costs either to a worksheet or to an existing deal. For more information on the difference between a worksheet and a deal, click HERE.

What are Deal Costs? 

Deal costs can include a variety of items, but this article will cover creating costs for the most common:

  • Vehicle Plans such as service contracts, GAP contracts, dentguard, etc.

  • Accessories (window tinting, floor mats, stereo upgrades, etc)

  • Due Bills (anything else the dealership is paying for as part of the deal. For example, if the dealership agreed to replace tires with no extra cost for the customer and needs to make a payment for those tires)

  • Trade-in Payoffs

  • Vehicle Registration Payables
    * automatically adds these to the deal when tax is calculated

What Are Secret Circles?

"Secret Circles" are small circle icons you will find throughout the system that give you access to addition information or options. Many of the fields to enter costs are accessed through "Secret Circles" so that your customers and unauthorized users cannot see your backend costs. 

Click the "Secret Circles" to gain access!

They look like this:

Add Cost to a Vehicle Plan  

Add a Vehicle Plan into an existing deal
1. Click the purple "View" button in the "Vehicle Plans" box.

2. In the dialog box that appears, first click the checkbox next to the plan you want to add to the deal. This will activate that plan on the deal. 

3. Click on the vehicle plan you've added to open and edit the details. 

4. Add the sales price of the plans and then click the the Secret Circle next to "Price" to unhide and add the cost.  

5. Repeat the process for your GAP or other Vehicle plan Costs.

Adding Cost to an Accessory

Adding costs to an Accessory is very similar to adding a cost to a Vehicle Plan. Once the Accessory is added to the deal, use the "Secret Circle" next to the Price to add your cost. 

Adding a Due Bill Cost

To add a "Due Bill" cost, simple open the "Due Bill" dialog by clicking the purple "View" button and enter the appropriate costs. 

Adding a Trade-In Payoff Cost

The cost for a trade-in vehicle can be added in the "Trades" tab of a deal or worksheet.

Once the trade is added, simply add the Pay-Off Balance. will log this into your accounting system as soon as the deal is "Processed As Sold". 

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