The Difference Between Worksheets and Deals

"Worksheets" and "Deals" both allow you to enter deal information, edit customer information, add trades, and edit finance application information - essentially everything you need to do to create and work a deal.

Worksheets Allow You To:

  • Enter customer information once 

  • Transfer all of your customer and lead information into a deal with one click

  • Print Buyer's Orders, payment worksheets and credit apps

  • Let customers compare multiple vehicles including numbers and Buyer's Orders before you solidify a deal

  • Work numbers and make any changes in order to solidify the deal without cluttering up your deal management page

Deals Allow You To:

  • Enter, edit, and manage all the same information as "Worksheets"

  • Use our quick-check system to see possible problems with the deal

  • Assign a Deal Number

  • Print all deal paperwork

  • See the deal in the Deals Management page and access deal flags and alerts

  • Collect payments and deposits

  • Process a Deal "As Sold"

  • Run reports on deals

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Can't I Find My Deal?  - You may have used the Quick Deal option which does not save deals. It's also possible you did not convert your worksheet into a deal! If you are sure you converted your worksheet into a deal and still cannot find it, contact customer support. 

  • Can I Print Forms From A Worksheet? - You can always print Buyer's Orders, payment worksheets, and credit apps from the worksheet. The default settings do not allow you to print deal forms from a worksheet. Your system administrator can change this if necessary. 

  • How Do I Convert a Worksheet to a Deal? - Look for the blue "Convert to Deal" button in the top lefthand corner of your worksheet screen.

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