Before posting, make sure you've followed all of the steps to setup your Craigslist account by using this guide.

Your First Post

To post with you need to go to Inventory and then click on CL. Click Post on one just one vehicle for now. You'll see it process a bit of information and then it will likely come up with a Verify Post link, as you can see in the screenshot below. 

In your email you will receive a message from Craigslist asking you to verify. It's important you do not click the link in the email. You need to copy the link from your email, go back to, click Verify Post and then paste the link into the verification box that shows up.

You will probably have to repeat this process another time before the vehicle gets posted, with a different type of email. Once you receive the final confirmation email showing your vehicle is posted you can go through and post whichever other vehicles you want to show on Craigslist!

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