Create A Facebook Account

If you already have an active Facebook Page, skip to the next step.  

If you do not have an active Facebook Page, you will need to create one before you can create a Facebook Marketplace feed for your inventory. To learn how to do that, click here

Initiate Feed & Request Access

Please be sure you are an authorized representative of your dealership in regards to so we can setup inventory feeds without delays.

In order to start the process, we need you to send us a message using the blue chat icon at the bottom right of this page. In the request please include:

  • The language "Please set up my Facebook Marketplace feed with the following information"

  • Your business page ID. To access your Facebook page ID go to your Facebook page while logged in as an admin. On the left hand side of your page click on "About," scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the "Page ID." Copy the ID and send it when you initiate your request to setup the Facebook Marketplace feed.

Respond to Access Request

After we receive the above information we will initiate a request to your Facebook page for authorization to post/manage components of the page. This is necessary for the Facebook Marketplace listings to get posted. 

To authorize to access your page, go to your page inside of Facebook, click on "Settings" at the top of the page, and go to "Page Roles" on the left hand side. You should see a pending authorization request from or Dealr, Inc.

Once you've authorized to access your page, your inventory should start to show up on Facebook Marketplace within a couple hours!

Feed Schedule feeds to Marketplace every 2 hours. This means your inventory will be on Marketplace soon after you upload it to so you that can get your vehicle to market as soon as you're ready. Removing vehicles from marketplace takes a bit longer, but everything should get pulled off within a day.

Responding to Leads can now process Facebook Messenger inquires directly into the leads system and parse out Marketplace leads to extract the vehicle information. These leads will be received and processed identically to any other lead - you'll receive push notifications, emails, and round-robin assignments will be followed. Facebook wants you to respond to leads very quickly - within 5 minutes or so. If you don't respond quickly, Facebook tends to penalize you in search rankings.

Set Up Auto-Reply Messages

Auto-replies or instant replies are messages sent automatically as your Page's first response to new messages. For example, you can use your instant reply message to let customers know that you'll get back to them soon or to thank them for contacting your Page.

Click the link below to see how to set up auto-replies for lead inquiries coming through Facebook Marketplace. 

Set Up Instant Replies

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